A Worldy Story

 A pink rubber octopus lands on the melting asphalt
Shouting and arguing of the whole neighborhood can be heard from the street. It's not that the walls are thin, they're not. It's just a regular summer day in Queens. Clear blue sky, whites drying, sash windows wide opened, kids playing basketball and a fallen-out-of-the-sky pink rubber octopus landing on the melting asphalt.
 Help that kid
A kid riding a shopper bicycle comes in frame and runs over the rubber toy as it emits a squeaky sound. The tyre slides, the kid, Stan, loses control of the bike and crashed on the asphalt. Alerted by the noise, a group of gang-looking kids come running and start making fun of Stan and kicking his shopper.
 Foul-mouthed Stevie and his gang
"Get the fuck up" throw Stevie, the leader of the gang. "You ain't good on a bike, you retard or what?". Stan gets up and silently points at the pink rubber octopus. Stevie goes and pick-up the wobbly culprit. "Ha! Is that yo mama's, retard? Bet she'd get more fun with me those tiny eight arms!". He continues boastfully: "My strongest arm is the hidden one kid. Go tell ya mama and stay the fuck off my block". Stevie throws the octopus at Stan's face. All laughing, they leave Stan. After they are gone, Stan picks up the octopus.